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What are the mountaineering in the field use
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Travelers stranded in the mountains, the distress events frequently occur, and good outdoor equipment can help people improvesecurityCoefficient.Mountaineering is an important equipment in outdoor sports.So, in the wild mountaineering have what use?

In the wild mountaineeringwhatwith

1, what's the use of mountaineering in the field

Mountaineering both in history and today is the most important thing in mountaineering and rock climbing equipment.And protection of rise and fall of climbing technique centered in mountaineering.Chains, seat belts, and many other aerial work products only with mountaineering can play a role.

2, the choice of mountaineering

For different types of climbing, used in mountaineering will have very big difference.

Climbing if mainly in sport climbing, single rope is the best choice, because of the relatively is safe and reliable protection point on the line, the use of the rope and operations are relatively simple.And for the friend that like traditional climbing or ice climbing, half ropes can play its advantages, more like climbing line is relatively complex, guard point not solid and reliable, small half the diameter of the rope, ductility, falling on the impact of the guard point, it is much less than that of single rope increases the safety factor.

For the particularity of snow and ice climbing, it is recommended to use a rope with waterproof function.This rope is also known as the "line", because in the snow and ice conditions, kept the rope dry significance is very obvious.Although frozen stiff rope there would be no significant change in strength, but it's very difficult to operate, first of all, it is difficult to knot.Second almost impossible to put the frozen hard the rope into protector.

Some of the rope in the middle part have dark mark, or the two halves of the rope is in a different color fiber preparation, the midpoint of the benefits of this is to remind the climber rope, prevent falling due to long on both sides of the rope is different when slip and fall accident.

3, bundles of mountaineering matters needing attention

The fixed end of the rope.Sold on the market although mountaineering are processed, but if you want to meter selling for the unit rope cut into the appropriate length when using, must be the end of the string to be fixed.If you neglect it, rope out in the end may be in use in danger.

Check the ropes before use.Have scars, or is the rope knot happens may rupture during use, so must be checked before use, if you have any present situation, how to recover.

Don't wet ropes.Rope even waterproof processing, also should avoid to wet in the easy to the rope under the condition of use, because the water absorption of the rope not only heavy, and easy to slide, very difficult to use.

Understand the safety of the rope use weight.Rope can bear the weight of the determined by the thickness, material, conditions of use, and so on and so forth, when buying a rope, must tell the clerk purpose, then choose enough to bear the weight of the use safety ropes.

Mountaineering index is introduced

It is well known that the UIAA certification DYNAMIC power line there are two main indexes of impact (IMPACTFORCE) for the first time and the number of UIAA whereabouts (UIAAFALLS), but most of the domestic climbers didn't know there are three indicators was the key to choose climbing power cord.These three indicators are: cutting index, wear-resisting, waterproof.

1, prevent cutting index

Sharp Angle of the rope of transverse cutting can produce fatal consequences.When the rope load bearing can be easily cut off the ropes with sharp object.UIAA standards in the cutting tests, the request will be a 80 kg weight from 5 meters height, the rope cutting in a horizontal placed a radius of 5 mm sharp edges, in the first such experiments of the rope can't there is any breakage.In this way can we through the cutting index test.

2, wear resistant index

10 kilograms of weight system in mountaineering, longitudinal friction on the sand round, straight to the rope outside the network being touch bad (thief) climbers often say's rope, the rope is worn time directly reflects the wear resistance of the vertical of the rope.

3, waterproof

Waterproof rope is what we call dry rope, this kind of rope, net generally through TEFLON waterproof processing.The rope after soaking by water strength will reduce more than 20%.The snow is soaked in mountaineering china-africa waterproof rope to be frozen hard intensity will drop dramatically, this is very dangerous.

Bundles of mountaineering

1, binding method of mountaineering

This is a rope can be divided into left and right sides, in does not produce knot can tie the rope under the condition of good method.When the points of the rope, the length of a best is equal to the maximum distance from his hands open.Too short, tied the rope may become too big.When binding, if unable to cope with one hand, can also be on the wrist.

2, mountaineering knot method

Outside several mountaineering knot method:

1) half hitch and double fishing knots.This method is used to connect two ropes the best choice, because it is easier to solve after bear weight.

(2) double fisherman knot.(runner) or the most suitable connection ring often (do not often solve) the rope, because it is difficult to solve after the bear weight.

(3) this knot.Is easy to tie and adjust, very suitable for fixed point set up.

(4) towed.One can limit the ropes, do a single mobile knot, some is not suitable for towing heavy objects (such as rope climbing team;It can be used to drag his backpack), especially when no one can help you drag.

(5) half hitch in Italy.To ensure that node can be used to, especially when you are lost to ensure that the equipment or no equipment, had better not use Italian half hitch to drop, otherwise easy to tangle together with a rope.Italian half hitch (runner) + a + a ring have locking carabiner, big mouth and a simple condole belt and fall, every time is a climber climbing essential equipment, best can move unnecessary ourselves sometimes, sometimes it can help people.

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