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Learning about sailing line, we also need to know more!
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          On the sailing boat rope, can be understood as "is used to adjust the sail and tied the ship used more rope". Requires tensile, impact resistant, wear resistance, flexibility properties, such as soft. Because of long time work at sea, and the use of high frequency, as in the past commonly used material such as wire, linen or cotton rope, synthetic fiber after appearing not only increased the use fixed number of year, but also increase the safety performance! The  sail rope is mostly made with nylon, polypropylene, whalen, polyester, etc.

        The usefulness of each rope has its fixed, of course, not all of the ship will have so many rope! Before you buy a sailboat rope, you first have to determine is the purpose of the ship, boat RACES OR recreational boat! The use of two different purposes, on the choice of the rope is also far. First of all, is the price match with rope is more expensive than leisure Marine rope on a lot of! Secondly, Marine rope is lighter, in order to reduce the ship weight, higher speed!

        Synthetic fibre cable in addition to the proportion of lightweight, high strength, impact resistance and good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to mildew, bug eat by moth resistance and other advantages. Such as nylon rope strength and wear resistance of several times more than linen, cotton rope, polypropylene rope specific gravity less than water, can float on the surface of the water, easy to operate security.
         Application materials common in litres of rigging is "+ polyester cord cable, di nima skin". If for the boat race, will choose "di nima rope core + polyester mix of aramid cord skin", the latter is lighter more wear-resisting.
         Choose good material, you need to select the sail line size. Each rope with corresponding size, the thickness of both rope, and thickness of the main differences between the according to the size of the captain!

         After the chosen material and size, you should know you need how many meters of sail rope! In general, line length and the level of the mast. How to determine the sail the length of the rope? Simple data, please reference.

          Litres of rigging, mast height + + + the distance to the winch rope before 25 cm;
          Headsail control cable: hull length of 1.5 times;
         The mainsail control line: the best way to measure is to manipulate existing mainsail rope off and measuring its length;
         Jib manipulation of the rope: 2 times the length of the hull + 10 cm (knot eyes 2).

          It is worth noting that the installation position of winch and other accessories are likely to the length of the rope. Suggest you before buying, let the captain about measure the length of the original, it convenient to you for the following options.

          Each boat rope has its own destiny, be applied to where, what kind of preparation method, its extending how ability and so on are affecting the ship met with it. The boat rope so much, how do you distinguish? How to show your love to them again? Such as the beginning we said that can clip rope on label for each string, but it doesn't look beautiful! For a man who often play boat, they also have their own unique way to identify the purpose of the rope, and we mention this to the most basic way is to distinguish the color of purpose!
          The mainsail sheet line/l rigging: white
          Before the sail/ball sail: blue
          Jib: red, control line green
         Suspension device/slides: black
         For your own boat, choosing what color of sailing line is you have the final say. Just don't let people feel confused about getting into the boat! Try to avoid color for complex, out of the seven colors of the rainbow cool feeling in fact it is not necessary!

          Good ship with sails, of course, more to prepare the rope. However, you choose the cords, nice and high-end, but not to do maintenance work. For any high price to buy back this is a kind of unfair treatment! Therefore, remember to do a good job of maintaining a rope. In the new boat rope, maintenance in the future how to do? We will look together!
          1. In the case of not to use, please send your ropes, avoid exposure under the condition of extremely hot weather is! If you are sailing on the rope or very hard material have steel wire ropes, suggest you to replace them into a soft rope, convenient tied and reduce the probability of injury!
          2. Back out to sea and the ropes and dry in ventilated place, avoid exposure. The purpose is to prevent water infiltration sail rope, resulting in corrosion.
          3. The rope to avoid being sole stepped on. Sole often there are grains of sand, is likely to enter the rope epidermis, internal fibrous tissue damage when operating in a rope rope, rope fracture cause.
          4. Rope generally 1-2 year need to replace a, of course also depends on its frequency of use.Before

          5. A rope is used for applying a, in conditions allow applying a daub, increase the service life.
          6. The captain who always pay attention to check the pulley of the rope and the sails of cohesion, found the sail rope aging condition change in time, avoid the accident.
           7. Let the rope skin away from edge tool and ropes as a protective layer, can minimize the aging and damage. After the rope skin damage, you sail line becomes fragile! If it is found that rope skin problems, remember to deal with.
           For many sailing boat captain and the sailors, they need to have more patience than yacht captains. Sailing on the equipment is different from the yacht, remind ship owners, the captain and the sailors! Pay more attention to ensure your ship has a better state!

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