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Product Name: Survival Belt
Now you can carry a length of para cord on you at all times with this wide trouser belt made from para cord.
The whole belt is made from para cord and the cord is fixed to a metal buckle, so not only will it keep your combat trousers up and allow you to carry pouches on the belt in an emergency you will always have a length of cord with you.
The belt is made up of two rows of cord so it makes a nice wide belt.
The buckle simply pushes between the loops of para cord so the size can be adjusted easily.
Use it as standard belt then when you need some cord in an emergency all you have to do is unravel the cord.
Sizes stated are the total length of the belt and buckle not the size they will fit.  So the 110cm belt has a total length of 110cm when laid flat and is measured from the tip of the belt to the end of the buckle (there might be some difference in the length due to the way the belts are made), you will have to allow for some fold back of the belt when it is fastened into the buckle for a rough guide the 110cm would fit up to 34" waist. 120cm would fit up to a 38" and the 130cm would fit up to a 42" waist.
Product Type: Webbing
Material: Polyester Cord and Metal Buckle
Weight: 300 grams

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